Bing steals Google’s share in US searches in May

In the present day it is Google and Google alone, it seems, that is the search engine to look at. However, other search engines too exist, but only for the sake of variety, it seems. Meanwhile, amidst this Google wave, search engines such as Bing and Yahoo have improved upon the percentage of people searching on them. As per a survey, Bing has literally snatched away five percent of the searches from Google. As per the study conducted by Experian Hitwise, where Bing had 12.29 percent searches to its credit in May 2011, it had got an appreciation of seven percent and got 13.17 percent in May this year. Likewise, Yahoo also got a year on year appreciation in US searches and it had an improvement of three percent year on year in May 2012.

Meanwhile, Google remains the search giant in US as it accounts for over 65 percent searches but with the year on year loss of five percent this year May, which Bing stole from it. The Bing powered searches also witnessed a positive trend this year with a growth of five percent and stayed at 28.12 percent. Thus, it is an overall loss for Google and a gain for Bing. Commenting on this trend, industry experts believe that this trend will continue and percentage of people searching on Bing will improve further.

However, a robust 65.02 percent searches share in US is a sufficient sign for establishing the fact that Google is still the most sought after search engine and people go to Google for any query. In another striking revelation from the same source, if the percentage of US clicks by number of keywords is to be calculated, the one word keyword clicks got year on year appreciation of 19 percent in May 2012. Whereas the percentage for two word keyword searches declined by a mere two percent. This certainly continues to strengthen the principle of targeting a single word or if not one, a two word keyword on Google in website promotion.