Clear Com

Production teams from all over the world have used Clear-Com’s intercom systems for its clarity, reliability, and scalability in various application settings. They are World renowned for their wired party-line and matrix technologies and recognized leader of IP communications and wireless intercom technologies, Clear-Com products can deliver the right solution for your application.

Clear-Com contacted Baytech to personally see to the development and creation of a professional custom website for its products and services. Designing a website for services like this can be really challenging, to say the least. The products and service have to display not just in an appealing manner but strategically so visitors can easily access all the information they require before making a decision.

Baytech rebranded their site into a compelling new design that easily organized the myriad of products into a clear and inventive message.  Some flash was used to engage the end user on the home page while using the latest technologies in both front-end design and backend programming.