Layer 8 Training

Baytech Creates Portal Website Solution for  Layer 8

Baytech was tasked with developing Layer8 Training’s new website as Layer8’s original site did not reflect their standing as the largest Citrix learning partner. The project originally started off as a standard website project but evolved to include E-commerce capabilities because of Layer8’s desire to expand its marketing reach further. Layer8 Training was founded in 2008 by professionals with a long track record in the technology training business. They were awarded CALC status by Citrix to provide training in Southern California market. By 2009, Layer8 was named the Citrix Learning Partner of the Year for the American region and subsequently in 2011 and again in 2012. Layer8 has grown to become the largest Citrix learning partner in the world
with over 20 training centers throughout the US and is only one of three Citrix Learning Partners to be bestowed the highest level of learning partnership, the Premier National CALC.
Layer8 Training offers a vast amount of service offerings in the form of their individual training courses for each of their vendors. The new website needed to allow users to be able to easily browse through their all of their offerings and find the class that they are looking for
as well as the capability for users to pay for the courses online. Throughout the course of the development stage, Baytech worked directly with Layer8’s key stakeholders and was able to manage expectations in order to reach the targeted date of completion.
Seeking a more dynamic website that would reflect Layer8’s standing as a world-class Citrix Learning Partner was the goal set out by their key stakeholders. As their old site was lacking, they sought Baytech’s help in redesigning their site in order to better position themselves
for future expansion. At first, the Layer8 project started off as a simple web design project that would feature a brand new, customized web design with a  new content management system. However, due to the excellent work of Baytech’s development team, Layer8’s key stakeholders decided to expand the scope of the project to add in an E-commerce functionality.
Baytech was able to meet the expectations of Layer8’s management team by providing a fully
customized website with a dynamic and responsive web design built upon a customized content
management system. The new system would allow for users of the site to be able to easily search for specific training courses from the many different vendors that Layer8 offers. An E-commerce
functionality was built in that would allow for users to pay for the classes. All told, Baytech provided Layer8 with a dynamic website that accurately reflects who Layer8 truly is, the largest Citrix learning partner in the world.