Fabienne Rodet, President

Baytech Team is Talented

We were fortunate to work with Baytech, who is wonderfully talented and most of all, patient with me as we reviewed countless banner images, grades of color and fonts. Things always happen when building a new site but what matters is how the vendor handles issues as they arise. I was impressed with the sense of urgency and the professionalism that was displayed towards SolarTech during my work Baytech.

The PM was especially skilled in responding to my needs and while she was firm to keep us on track, she was always forward thinking in managing any slips in the project.
A reasonable amount of effort given that I authored the content. HoweverI i thoroughly enjoyed the entire process and design of the site, working with Claire to create the wireframes and with Amanda on the design.
I am completely satisfied with the development of our site. I view Baytech as a world-class provider of cost-effective solutions with both the technical creativity to meet our needs within a joomla-based environment delivered with a high degree of customer care.