Yahoo Answers has 300 million questions

People seem to be desperate about things on the internet and are posting their queries and possible answers on Yahoo Answers in large numbers. As per the latest buzz, since 2005 over 300 million questions have been asked on Yahoo Answers. This impressive figure must have brought slight tremors in Google chambers. But despite this achievement, the activity on Yahoo is slower as compared to Bing and Google. Still people are searching for answers and Yahoo Answers provides them with the solutions. Information about the new milestone achievement by Yahoo also suggests that people across the globe ask two questions and posts six answers to questions on the search engine giant powered answers every second. So the people answering are more than those asking questions.

Is this a strong indicator that Yahoo is getting a good grip these days compared to Google and Bing? Or, is it an indication that that search engine optimization should also focus on Yahoo and Bing in order to get an overall good ranking for websites? Almost all the web promotions target only Google, it is also good to target these other two search engines as there has been an increase of over five percent activity on Bing in US in May 2012 compared to the same month last year. Meanwhile, there has been an increase in activity on Yahoo as well.  It is Baytech Web Design that prepares a comprehensive search engine optimization plan for a website and arrives at a robust plan that makes sure that the website appears prominently on searches for keywords relevant to the site.