Creatives &

Create a memorable user experience by helping your audiences remember the essential information you want to convey.

Our team focuses on your targeted users and their journey throughout the experience, solves obstacles, technical limitations, and accomplishes the user’s goals.

User Interface / Graphic Design

We define your brand’s graphic vision and craft innovative visual stories to attract, engage your target audience, and create long-term business success.

User Experience Design

We design and build the best user experiences to simplify and focus on the essentials to solve complex user experience problems.


Landing Page Design

Design is where the effort starts to settle. Then, as the name recommends, we discover a series of opportunities with you, obtaining a feel for exactly how to represent your brand.

Video & Motion Graphics

When your brand needs a more engaging experience to engage customers, you need video and motion graphics.

Why does UX all brands and businesses need?

It’s our human nature: people like things to be easy and clear. Today, expectations are high! People want user experiences at their fingertips, every minute of every day. When a digital property isn’t easy to use, people get frustrated, and when they get frustrated, they go elsewhere – leaving with a poor impression of your business.

Building a great user experience takes work, reduces your website bounce rate, and increases website conversion. It would be best if you had the right expertise, a passion for listening to your users, and a willingness to test and learn.

Baytech’s UX expert team brings all of those qualities and help business generate lead and increase their bottom line. It’s our job to turn the frustration of “what’s going on?” into the joy of “that was easy” – designing standout experiences that convert prospects and keep customers coming back.

Professional Process from Idea to Final Product

We do research first

Through an intensive discovery session, we work with you to not just understand your business goals, your competition information, and your business, but to find and solve the hidden problems, uncover insightful business information, and better understand your marketplace.


Full Team Experts

We bring the whole team in expertise, from design, digital marketing expert, UX coder, tester, and a dedicated project strategist to ensure everything is aligned to the final deliverable on time and budget.



Full Implementation

We don’t just start coding first —we listen, coordinate, integrate, and mentor your team along the way, leading your team to a final successful website and web application. Finally, we perform testing and make a refinement to final customer satisfaction.

Case Studies

APS generated leads and business with Baytech’s assembled an in-house team. Before running the traditional marketing, APS was winning companies by referrals. With the digital web plan that Baytech implemented, the marketing cost was reduced by 65%, with leads increased up to 125%.

We built the first realtor home buyer/seller web portal for MLS Listings. Our solution addresses common purchasing questions along with hire-a-realtor and social media engagement. Our Work initiated with setting the web strategy. Our team delivered the MLS Listings web portal and digital web strategies to help MLS listings continue to win in this changing ecosystem.



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