Email Marketing Automation (EMA)

Email Marketing Automation (EMA) remains one of the most effective marketing strategies that drastically increase your ROI. It would be best if you stood out in front of your customers and prospects. Email marketing gives the best return on investment.

Building trust starts with your on-site content. Understanding why a customer gives you their contact information and what they get in return are essential questions. We help you build trust with your customers through insightful research and compelling copywriting and grow your email list with a user-friendly and straightforward sign-up process.

Once we finish developing your website’s sign-up process, we will create custom email content tailored and targeted at your customers with segmentation according to their needs, your service/product offerings, and the emails sent are personal and relevant. In addition, we usually run A/B testing to analyze open email behavior, and through monitoring and tracking, we monitor your user’s journey and drive sales back to your business.

Having a clear email marketing strategy for every time new customers subscribe to your newsletter is very vital. We help implement email nurturing / automation procedures to help you set up the campaign, design the email template, and send relevant and engaging content to your potential customers. Our results-driven approach ensures your email campaign deliverability and result in high open and click rates.

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