Web Applications

Having an online customer portal integrated into your website can help you serve your customers better. However, before investing in either a custom-built or off-the-shelf portal, you must be sure that a customer portal is a good fit for your business based on your organizational goal, budget, and projected growth.

We employ the top web app consultants, technical architects, and full-stack developers who will take your business vision together. In addition, we conduct extensive research on what features and systems need to be in place and create a well-designed portal tailored to your business to improve the quality of your business interaction with your customers.

Business Grows Faster with us 
The primary feature of a good customer portal is to empower the customer. That is why after successfully developing a custom customer portal for your brand, we will test it to ensure that customers can easily access personalized content, review relevant support documentation and interact with the platform without obstruction or delay.  

Scalable and Robust Web Application  
The engaging custom application we build is scalable and robust. Known for our profound passion for satisfying customers, we also have the interest of your audience at heart. We help enhance the functionality of your customer’s portal so that it can seamlessly support orders and service management, automatic receipt confirmation for a service request with a case number, password-protected access to essential customer support tool, ticketing system, reporting, statistics, purchase, and payment history review with lots more.


API Integration

We help create and integrate applications that allow applications to communicate with each other to streamline your business and work processes. With application integration, you can enter data once and connect it to multiple applications instead of entering it as many times as you have applications. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose applications of your choice for your business.


Agile Methodology 

We use Agile methodology to manage our web application project and turn your vision into a result quickly. We have proven methodology to plan continually, learn, improve the custom applications we build. With this methodology, we are flexible and fast to respond and change based on changing requests and better team collaboration to enable early delivery.

Web Technologies: 

  • Bootstrap
  • Node.js
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • WordPress
  • jQuery
  • Angular.js
  • .NET
  • Libraries

MySQL / SQL Server / WordPress

Data formats:

Security and Web Application Maintenance

We created our website security & maintenance plan to ensure your sites’ security. Once a website is live, it’s not only essential to protect it from malware and hackers with constant updates of the website plugin, database, and content, so your site is protected, updated, maintained, and backed up. In addition, the routine web security check-in will help prevent your site down and destroy your Google rankings and your overall website health, which is running quickly and efficiently.


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