Brand and Technical Discovery

The research involved in your brand and technical discovery considers all of the stakeholders involved in your business processes. We study your business to the bone and understand how your customers interact with you. This research helps us create a technical solution that will help your business perform better.

Our Brand and Technical Discovery
We uncover our client’s needs, challenges, and desired results, which our customers will use to create an insightful, goal-oriented digital marketing plan. Our goal is to assist our clients in discovering what they want from their business and marketing efforts and shape their perception of the best way to reach their goals. For example, deliverables from a discovery process meeting could include defined buyer personas, keyword research, and competitive analysis.


Our Discovery Phase
We capture the vision of the product, solution, and service from you, ensuring that this vision is in line with your customer’s needs, and performing an initial technical due diligence to validate that your product/service in question can be designed using current technology. Our Discovery process allows the product development team time to build use case scenarios, identify functional requirements, prioritize product features, create timelines and estimates, and summarize their findings into a development proposal.

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