Web Design and Development


Baytech’s UX and web design team focuses on all qualities of a successful website including navigation, creative design, content, information accessibility, branding, and interaction to develop your website.

Website Design

As the top leading Web Design Agency in Bay Area, San Francisco area, Baytech Digital completed over 5000 websites for the past 20 years in business and help generate more than $1 billion in client revenue. We build sites to perform with a focus on user experience design that drives sales for your unique brand and business.

E-Commerce Website

We build result-driven e-commerce websites and e-commerce web applications with combined great UX design, the latest technology, and a shopping-cart experience with integrated e-commerce marketing.

Web Applications & Custom Portals

We build an online custom application/ custom portal integrated into your website and business.  We build web applications especially to fulfill your specific business-centric requirements.
Reliability. Adaptability. Compatibility. Flexibility.

Website Maintenance and Support

With Baytech website maintenance support, you can have an extended website service team in place so that you get your website updates done within 24 to 48 business hours hassle-free.

Landing Page Design

We build High-Converting Landing Pages and bring in the desired results for your business. Your landing page web design has to convey your message well and turn traffic into sales. See what we do to create a high-quality landing page you will love.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Your website can be the most important customer/lead generator for your business and must place the primary emphasis on bringing in new customers and further engaging your existing clients through increased awareness of all the products or services you offer.

Why Brands Need Strategy & Consulting

Businesses today differentiate not on product or price, but on the quality of the experience, they provide.   Customer experience is increasingly digitized.  If you can impress demanding customers with a frictionless journey, you’ll win favor, engagement, and market share.  But the question is: what do your customers really want?  Our 17 years of experience have shown us one thing: quality digital experiences need a strategy driving them.  We’ve helped countless clients launch new websites, draw actionable digital roadmaps, and create web apps and experiences that help them compete and win.

Professional Process from Idea to Final Product

Web digital strategy is a high status and high paid function.  It becomes more difficult to set a strategic direction without a clear goal.  We help clients set a clear goal from the beginning of building a website and the goal can be achieved in a number of different ways.  The goal can be simply lead-generation from an easy-to-use contact form.  They can be approved and augmented from above to ensure that they are consistent with the overall company strategy and resources.


Who your audiences do not only influence the general presentation of your website but will also determine more specifics, such as typography, emotional connections, colors, messages, and other factors of the user interface.  The design and layout is to entertain and involve your targeted audience, and the design does it by wrapping the content in a way with a lot of visual and interactive elements to engage your targeted audiences.



In web strategy, you are constantly testing and revising the user experience, which means that, to a certain extent, you are always getting something wrong that you have to go back to and correct.  Our success depends on refinements constantly.  Mistakes can be made, corrected, and then improved after tracking the progress.  Quickly learn how to refine your strategy and make adjustments are keys to win.  Pull your product strategy up from the masses quickly and cheaply helps businesses ultimately win in the marketplace.


Case Studies

APS generated leads and business with Baytech’s assembled an in-house team.  Before running the traditional marketing, APS was winning businesses by referrals.  With the web digital plan that Baytech implemented, the marketing cost was reduced by 65% with leads increased up to 125%.

We built the first realtor home buyer/seller web portal for MLS Listings.  Our solution addresses common purchasing questions along with hire-a-realtor and social media engagement.  Our Work initiated with setting the web strategy. 
Our team delivered MLS Listings web portal and web digital strategies to help MLS listings continue to win in this changing ecosystem.



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