Project Planning

Baytech’s marketing experts will present you with a fully detailed plan showing you how to reach and impact your target audience. We will conduct exhaustive research into your industry while also communicating with key professionals in your field. Combining your brand and the interests of your target market, we develop powerful, engaging websites for you that are unique and highly dynamic that attract and retain your visitors.

Brand Insight and Research
At Baytech, a professional website design company, we start tevery project with some research before we customize your website. Most agencies or freelancers don’t spend enough time understanding your business. Our team of business expert starts every project with a great understanding of your business pain points, your marketing niche, your industry trend and build a custom and best-fit solutions. We explore your brand’s personality and your customer persona. Once we craft a solution, we create a Gantt Chart and execute the plan, committed to completion and beyond.

Brand Identity:
Once we craft your custom fit solution we shift our focus on creating a flawless digital experience for your customers. Everything we create is put through a battery of tests to make sure any problems are weeded out early in the release lifecycle, leaving behind a top notch solution.

Brand Optimization
Optimization is the name of the game and we’re hell-bent in ensuring that you go through zero delay time. We do this by creating project plans that carefully organize our staff, hours, calls and just a little bit of help from our favorite project management tools.

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