A Sneak Peak into Latest Trends in Web Design

A change is the only constant thing in this universe & without embracing new changes survival becomes difficult. Every day, we see new trends being introduced in dynamic tech-world especially in web-design. Out of numerous trends which appeared during this year in web-design, few important trends include stylish but non-over-sized graphics, Title fonts, sketch web design, modal windows, minimalism appearance, magazine lay-out trend, effortless navigation, etc.

Stylish logo types & headers are indeed appealing but they produce a desired impact only in a case, when a right font size is being chosen for them. The impact created by logos & headers should be minimalism yet chic.

Sketch web design is another trend which helps in drawing an attention of visitors. After all ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Title fonts have found its way in popular trends of the current year. Earlier web designers would hesitate in experimenting with Title fonts, capital letters & sizes but now using two or three fonts is normal since they enhance the appeal of a website & it gets easier to grab attention of visitors. In-fact, through the use of big fonts, it gets easier for a website to highlight valuable content so that even if a customer is in hurry, the important message of a company doesn’t go unnoticed.

Incorporating useless information was never in trends though but still people had this misconception that in order to ensure profitability, it is important to put as much as content, as possible. However, this year, the clear emphasis is placed on short & crisp content. Consumers are more educated than ever. They are smart enough to read between lines and find out whether a company will be able to fulfill their requirements or not. so an effortless navigation is undoubtedly among this year top web design trends.

Big and clear images are of-course right there in the list of popular web-design trends for this year. There is no trend like Interactive element, which plays most important role in generating web traffic. It is no wonder that, this trend continues to be among year’s top trends in web design.

Modal windows tendency is gaining huge popularity since it makes windows appear cleaner, neater and makes the whole navigation experience easier and simpler. Minimalism appearance is really wooing visitors since minimalism look appear more sophisticated and classy. ‘Magazine lay-out’ trend is another top trend which is wooing visitors since gradually more and more people are ditching newspapers and magazines in favor of online reading. This layout offers a familiar experience to the viewers.