Jon Pinson, President

Baytech is Trustworthy

Baytech already has a good reputation in their field, so my expectations were that things would go smoothly. The process was definitely seamless and the team answered all of my questions and issues quickly and accurately.
The design team was very easy to work with, and results/changes were very quick.
The QA service was excellent. We had an ongoing problem with the way product images from the database were being displayed, but they kept on it and fixed the problem.
Claire was always very responsive and communicative during this project. If she didn\’t know the answer to a question, she got an answer very quickly.
All of the project’s main goals were achieved with the aid of the consultants. It was easy to communicate with them and they laid-out the project in a clear and concise manner.
Baytech  made it very easy to make requests and see results. It was just up to me to check to see if issued had been fixed. And they always ended up being fixed.
Baytech  was fantastic in the implementation of our new Web site. It was not a small task, by any means, but the whole team was quick to implement and quick to fix issues that arose. Even when we added extra work during the implementation, it was done efficiently and seamlessly. I never once felt like we were waiting on them for anything.