Ryan Brown, President,

Baytech is Very Innovative

I had a very positive experience working with Baytech. Maxine did a great job with Sales, helping us find a budget that worked. Our Designer did a great job on design by being open to and quick about making my suggested changes. Our Baytech SEO Expert did a great job showing initiative, being available, making quick responses/reactions, and helping me understand SEO.
The website design experience was very positive because our designer was flexible, enjoyable, a good communicator, and fast. Recognizing that I wanted to have close oversight over the site’s design, she made it very easy to try new ideas quickly and effectively. She made herself available for in-person meetings and she responded to my requests very quickly and cleanly.
Our Project Manager did a great job! She was clear, responsible, punctual, reliable, effective, available, knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. She addressed any of our web challenges in a very timely, concerned, and considerate fashion. And she did a great job addressing the my concerns with the best solutions, even if it wasn’t the easiest solution for her.