Patrick Clancy, GM

Baytech is Very Reliable

Our firm hired a web design firm from Los Angeles County. After fourteen weeks, they had a rough home page available that was of poor quality. We were designing a complex web page. We couldn’t wait any longer and after much research changed to Baytech. In four weeks we had the web page active and were experiencing a 500% increase in business.
One day we met at Baytech and had changes we wanted made. After explaining the changes we wanted, we got in our car to return to our offices forty five minutes away. Before getting to the office, we had a text message that the changes were complete. One night at 11 PM I sent an email with a request for changes expecting an answer the next morning during business hours. I got a response at 11:30 PM. One morning I couldn’t sleep and got up and sent some instructions to Baytech at about 5:30 am. I got a response about 5 minutes later.