Rick Fraser ,GM
Cemetry Monuments

Top Web Design Firm

I have worked with many design firms all over the world and was happy to find the team atBaytech that could accomplish my demanding needs. I was specific in job detail and Jessi worked the team around those requirements. On the goto meetings everyone was direct and professional which has inspired me to want to have ongoing relationship with Jessi and her team.
Let me start off by saying I wish I had found Baytech sooner. We never realize how vulnerable we are until we figure out the thousands of dollars of time lost by Web Development Firms that don’t come through, not to mention revenue. We went on a desperate search to find a web development company that is team orientated, skilled and at a reasonable cost, after being burned and roasted a few times we found Baytech. Professionalism, discipline and enthusiasm seems to be their mantra with huge in-house resources. I was so relieved with the results I started to sleep better at night! I highly recommend this firm for anyone looking for programming on the web. All our projects will be run through Baytech.