Choosing the Purpose of Your Website

When you are looking to make a Website with a quality web design, it is necessary to make it serve one primary purpose. While it may be “cool” to have many purposes, it should have only one goal – either to provide information or to be an e-commerce site.

If a Website is informational, then it will usually have many Web pages that will thoroughly cover a topic or topics. Money is usually obtained from several sources. There could be:

  • A membership fee
  • Various forms of advertising
  • Commissions
  • Back-end selling.

An E-commerce Website focuses on selling either some kind of product or service. Generally, the amount of information on this type of Website is limited.

Combining the qualities of both types of Web sites is difficult. When information is provided on an E-commerce Website, it will most likely be viewed as presenting biased information.

An informational Web site should focus more on getting names and email addresses. This kind of Website design can be used to build your list and increase membership. The more focused the information is, the more targeted your visitors will be.

By asking the right information, you will also be able to gather information allowing you to target various groups for specific marketing campaigns. You can ask information dealing with geographic location, sex, age, education, products purchased, etc., and it will allow you later to select the best candidates for your emails, and other tools.

Once you have decided on a Website type, then everything else should go along with that choice. This allows room for many features, but now your Website can be more focused – and ready for business.

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