Common Mistakes – Design and Brand Should Support Each Other

One more reason why you need an objective person to verify the cohesiveness and single purpose of your Website is because it is quite possible that the Web design does not provide a clue as to the purpose of the Website. Besides that, even though the graphics may be great – it does not at all mean that they are supporting your company’s brand.

When you are building a Website, you want it to promote your company’s brand and also convey your marketing message to your target audience. If it does not accomplish that, your E-Commerce Web design may not be worth what you paid for it – no matter how good it looks.

Your overall purpose is to promote your brand and to reach your target audience – and get them to buy – or get on your list. Getting people to recognize your brand is a constant task – remember there is a whole world that needs to understand it (where applicable).

Your marketing efforts, Website structure and Website design should all be laid out with that in mind. An even better feature that will add stickiness to a Website is to create pages that are in some way interactive. Once again, the fancy Websites often leave this out.

Don’t forget, too, that the principles of SEO need to be added in there somewhere. In reality, it all needs to be there – working together to build your brand and increase your ROI.

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