Content Advertisers Are Often Wasting Money

The goal of a successful marketing campaign is always to get the most for the least. That principle makes it very simple to understand, and will help you when you apply it to your marketing tactics.

We all know that some methods are more effective than others, and we know still that some methods are just a waste of time and money. One of these less effective methods may just be content advertising. Search engine marketing and content advertising work two completely different ways – and unless these distinctions are understood and worked around – the ineffectiveness and loss will only continue.

When Web pages display content advertising, they traditionally have a lower ROI than that found in SEM. Part of the reason for this is because the content often does not match well with the content displayed. Another reason is that the reader is looking at the content and will largely ignore the ads – may not even see them at all.

One more significant reason why content advertisers are losing money is because the individual is now researching – rather than buying. They are looking for information. They are not yet ready to buy. This means that, while the ad may be clicked on, it usually will not give you the results you want – a real buyer. This will result in lowering your conversion rate and increasing your costs.

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