Creating an Effective Website Design Strategy

Creating a Website design strategy before you make a Website is necessary to maximize effectiveness and eliminate time loss. Doing it the other way will lead to possibly wasted months of planning, design work, and probably money.

Getting quality Web design upfront is well worth the time and effort. Trying to bring in some elements afterwards may make it necessary for a total redesign later. Here are some essential aspects of a Website that should lay the foundation of any E-Commerce Web design.

  • Determine the goal of your Website. A marketing tool or a shopping cart, etc., are all different and have different requirements.
  • Decide how you are going to generate money. Using affiliate programs, your own material (Ebooks, CD’s, etc.), or membership charges, will require different approaches and techniques.
  • Evaluate what would make your visitors become buyers. Check out your Website’s qualities that will either turn visitors away or make them stay and buy.
  • Examine how to improve navigation to make it easy to buy. Some Websites actually make it hard to get around due to poor Website structure. For best results, it should be very easy to buy your product without having to hunt for the right buttons or links.

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