Font Replacement

One more new development in Website design is the appearance of new fonts. Traditionally, there have been only a few fonts that were widely used, such as Times Roman, Arial, Helvetica, and a couple more. Now it’s changing.

With the development of sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement), new fonts can be displayed without them even being on the viewer’s computer. This allows the Website designer the option to use most any font – and it will still appear correct in most browsers.

So far, it appears that the new use of fonts is not being used just for the sake of having a new font. What appears to be the case is that the fonts are being selected because they best fit in with the style being used in the Website structure.

This allows the new fonts to make an even better Web design, and care is being given – so far – to ensure that the style best suits the material on the page. This seems to be a good development that allows designers greater choices in the use of fonts, and still keeps it simple enough so that many people can quickly learn how to apply the coding – which is not difficult at all.

Baytech Web Design is ready to enable your Website to use the new sIFR. Talk to us today about giving your Website a brand new look with hi-tech design features.