Google Bans Guns, Ammunition and Knives Listings from Google Shopping

Google has become the touchstone for a website’s performance. If it is performing on it well, it is a good website, if not, it’s of no use. Reason for this is simple. Majority of people search on Google and being prominently on Google means that the investments on the website are justified. But, Google too is evolving itself and has recently banned all the guns, ammunition and knives related listings from Google shopping. It is said that Google is conveying this information to the merchants about the new development and is not inviting any more weapon related listings on Google shopping.

However, Google continues to have the AdWords ads on the shopping results pages for these keywords or their combinations. This is because Google is updating its AdWords policy soon. Another important thing to witness is that the at the top right page there is a Shopping search box that searches other products, thus Google is promoting shoppers to search for some other products if there are no search results for a particular product name.

The Google ban on arms and ammunition searches seems not to infringe with the rights of the US citizens to keep arms and is in no way against the constitution. Detailing about the new policy, Google has said to have in its letter sent to the banned products merchants reportedly said that it disallows products that are incompatible with the values it holds. Meanwhile, the ban on listing of products on Google has not been criticized as Google can decide what it wants to list and what not. It is also found the recent changes in the Google Shopping listing will be affecting the searches as well but it is up to Google what it lists and what is denies.