Google Becomes A Handy Tool For Research Students

A recent study conducted by an independent agency revealed that the students consider search engines much better option for researches than the other encyclopedias available online. The survey took information from schools and teachers that said that there are both positives and negatives of online searches. As per the study data, 94% of teachers said that their students used search engines and 74% said that their students would use Wikipedia and other encyclopedias for their research work.

It is shocking that the students do not consider going to libraries and considering other textbooks for their projects. The online searches are being done by the students but the teachers are skeptical whether the students really understand the search that they are doing. The second concern of the teachers was the trustworthiness of the contents listed by search engines because the students rely heavily on them. The teachers also said that the focus of the schools should be in teaching the students about the quality of information. The teachers also gave higher grades to the students who used quality searches. There are teachers who believe that some students have the fair idea of quality work and effective searches and give a quality research work.

The study in fact can be taken as a testimony that emphasizes the need of quality content on websites. If the content is rich, to the point and highly informative, search engines award the website by higher ranking on search respective result pages. Thus content is an indispensible part of web development.