Hijacking Experiment Related To Duplicate Content On Google Search Results Turns Successful

A well known SEO master has tried to experiment by hijacking couple of pages in one of the leading search engine ‘Google’. Fortunately, the efforts did bear fruit and he was successful in his attempts of hijacking. In this experiment, the experimenter also showed copied version over the version of the page which was original. He literally baffled Google by making it believe that a specific page should basically appear in place of another.

Few readers would certainly be curious to know that how he did manage to do that. Well, the experimenter copied the source code, entire page and almost everything and simply did put it across a fresh URL on his site. He did link to the page. Besides that, he did give it a +1 and surprisingly, it did work out. He also did post a picture of the search results of the Google for the specific page, which was utilizing an info command and was also searching for the page title. Interestingly, he did experiment with few more domains and the ratio of success did vary from one another. In couple of cases, when a rel=canonical is used, it averted the results completely, however not in every case.