How to Design a Great Landing Page for Your Website?

How to Design a Great Landing Page for Your Website

A ”landing page” or “entry page” designed to create an initial impression for your users is the most important page of your website. This page is most likely going to be your home page, the first page of your web site meant to greet and grab your target market’s attention. The browser pays precious few seconds, initially, when they land on your site, so your copy must be rich, eye catching, informative and visually captivating all in one neat and concise to the point package. If you fail to capture the attention of the browser than they will bounce and you will lose any chance of conversion, which is a killer!

The information you put “above the fold” is critical. “Above the fold” means what appears on the screen in the browser, without the need for the browser to scroll down or to the right of your sales page.

Here are nine easy ways to create and improve upon your landing page:

1. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR KEYWORDS MATCH YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES! Otherwise your website is wasted internet real estate.

2. Have a call to action: Include an opt-in box to capture your visitor’s email contact details and other relevant information on the landing page. Statistically, a visitor typically visits your site approximately seven times before conversion i.e. becomes a customer. Therefore, your CRITICAL MISSION is to capture his or her contact information as soon as possible. This will give you the ability to contact them via email or other information they provided to remind him or her to visit your website, alert them to sale or simply stay in contact…

3. Ensure that your opt-in box is highly visible. Some ways to ensure that your opt-in box is obvious are:

A. Select a background color that makes the subscription box highly visible. You are in fact, creating a visual to draw your browser’s eyes to the opt-in box.

B. It is suggested that the opt-in box be located preferably above the fold or in a “pop-up” or a “drop-down”. However, this method has become increasingly less effective due to over use.

C. Offer the browser a “freebie” to get your opt-in and describe the “gift” in detail close to the subscription box. This makes it much easier for the browser to subconsciously associate the “freebie” with the opt-in box.

4. HAVE A MILLION DOLLAR HEADLINE! It is essential that the headline promise the single most important benefit to the browser. Use “catch words” like FREE, AMAZING, BREAKTHROUGH, REVOLUTIONARY, INNOVATIVE, INCREDIBLE, SALE, INSTANTLY or LIMITED TIME OFFER! And, take the hint: use BOLDING and LARGER FONT SIZES!

5. Additionally, pay special attention to the top few lines following the headline and those that appear “above the fold.” Try to implement two or three sub-benefits as your top few statements/sentences, after your MILLION DOLLAR HEADLINE!

6. Use visual images! One very simple example is to use a photo of yourself if it is you branding yourself as an expert in a particular field!

7. Avoid using EXCESSIVELY LARGE IMAGE FILES! If your landing page takes too long to load, the browser will bounce with great speed!

8. What are the selling points of your products and services? You have to SELL your product and make it apparent to the browser why yours is the best value.

9. After having created your landing page, you must continue to keep testing and improving it. You can continuously change your awesome headlines, the background colors in of your opt-in box or even the banner image that you put at the right top. Change is a good thing when it comes to Web pages.