Lean & Streamlined: How Much to Use 3rd Party Apps?

Integrating third party applications into your web development strategy can be a challenge. From usability issues to compatibility problems, we at Baytech Webs have seen it all. It’s also important to look at the big picture – do you really need all the bells and whistles possible?

It’s often best to look at all of the features available and decide, in an effort to lower development cost, which features are absolutely necessary. For example, do you really need a forum? For some, the answer might be yes. For many, though, it is better to adjust your budget to reflect the features you actually need.

When you hire Baytech Webs for a web design process, we will consult with you to help you determine which features are necessary and which ones aren’t. After all, it’s our commitment to honesty and integrity to help make your site as streamlined as possible. We will not sell you features we know you will not need, unlike other website development firms.

Whether you are looking for social networking systems, forums, or client relationship management (CRM) systems, we’ll be able to fully integrate third party apps into your website development project. Third party apps can be enormously useful and can add an enormous amount of value to your website when used effectively and correctly. You just have to know how much is too much.

Overwhelming your users with too many features is ultimately a lack of empathy for your users’ experience. Equally unempathetic, however, is to not supply your users with enough features. You want to make sure that you get just the right amount of balance for your users to provide as professional, rewarding, and valuable experience for your users as possible. After all, if they find their experience on your website rewarding, they’ll keep coming back for more – and repeat customers are golden in the realm of e-commerce.