Local Business Can Take Advantage with Microformats

Search engines are always changing their algorithms. This means that your placement in the SERPS is likewise changing and you will need to make adjustments – once you understand the new rules for search engine optimization.

Staying ahead of the game is getting tougher – especially because the search engines are developing different techniques as part of their algorithms. Yahoo’s new toy – SearchMonkey, as is Google, is using microformats and RDF in order to get a wider range of information. This allows a more organic SEO that enables better SERP results.

The advantage that businesses have is being able to provide more information on the search results than what would be possible with standard search results. Getting top search ranking may not be as important when you can provide readers with top placement – and offers of a photo, reviews, directions, or more.

Providing this kind of information in the search results will clearly help you beat the competition. Microformats are searchable and aid in providing a better format for your information in the SERP’s – and information that is more valuable to you – because it can bring more traffic your way.

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