Making a 301 Redirect

When you need to upgrade a Website or make changes in the structure of it, you may want to do a 301 redirect instead of renaming all your pages and links. The main reason for using a 301 redirect is because you may lose all your SEO up to that point.

In addition, your Web pages will most likely suffer from losing the page rank that they had recently enjoyed. After all, they no longer will be at the same Web address and the search engines will think it is a new page – or Web site. The original page will also have ceased to exist.

By using a 301 redirect page, you can preserve the page rank of the original. This only makes good sense to preserve the level of search engine optimization that you had worked so hard for. It will let you keep the previous rank and not have to wait until it is able to be built up again. Search engines do not penalize you for a 301 redirect.

A 301 redirect enables you to redirect people from an old domain to a new one and still be able to make the corrections you need to make. You can use it to correct changes from a www. to a non-www. Web site, too, or use it to change an extension. You may also want to use it while you make those changes, too, and need to keep people out of those pages that just are not ready for viewing yet.

Next time you make changes to your Web site, be sure to use a 301 as part of your SEO strategies to retain top search ranking. Baytech Web Design can help you with your SEO needs to ensure you have the page rank you need for better profits and corporate branding. We are a proven company that has worked with companies of all sizes. Talk to us today and let us handle your SEO and give you the visibility you want.