Media Blocks

Another powerful tool put to growing use in the past year is that of various media blocks. Now that more people have access to broadband, it only makes good Web design sense to take advantage of movies and screencasts to present the right information to their visitors.

Movies allow the Website owner to be able to present information in a guided way that does not permit distractions as long as it is running and the sound is on. This gives the owner the opportunity to highlight the key facts and reasons for either a purchase or to sign-up for more information.

Media blocks provide a unique tool in that it makes it unnecessary for the user to do anything but watch the carefully designed presentation. All you need to do is to design it to immediately grab attention, making them want to watch what you have to say to them. This makes it a powerful tool for use in any e-commerce Web design.

You may also want to add some text – just in case the sound is turned off. That way, they can still get your main message. Be sure to keep it as short as possible, because you may catch them at a time when they are busy and will not stay long to hear your message.

It is also a good idea to have other pages present the same information – but in a low tech way. Many people still do not have broadband and they will need to be able to read your important message.

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