More about Using SEO Basics

If you want to make sure that the search engines will make the most of your Webpages, be sure that they can clearly identify most of what you have there. Some of the newer and fancier programs cannot be read by simpler search engine algorithms. If that happens, your Website may end up being largely invisible to them.

When you remember that the search engines are not trying to deliver the newest and latest technologies – but Web pages that meet the searcher’s criteria – then you can see why fancy may not help you at all. The SERP will display the best pages that match the desired keywords.

By seeking to keep your Web pages technically simple – for the most part, you can be sure that most of the search engines will be able to find it and categorize it correctly. This includes using best SEO techniques. Baytech Web Design can show you how to use the fancier coding and still keep it search engine friendly.

You can get top search ranking for some of your keywords by making sure that your Meta tags and title tags are correct – which may be all they have to go by if they cannot read your Webpages. Then, be sure to use short links where possible, and avoid session ids.

Be sure to use anchor text with appropriate keywords to make your graphics add to the search engine’s understanding of what your Web page is about. Also, watch what you link to and how you do it. Be careful to avoid linking to spam pages. Let your links help the viewer understand what your Webpages are about and then the search engines will be able to tell, too.

Baytech Web Design can help you ensure that your Webpages are using best SEO tips for top search ranking. We also provide excellent design features to give your Website both a great look and the best technology. Talk to us today and let us build your business with you.