More Tips about Being Seen by Google Maps

When you have a physical brick and mortar business that you want people to know about, Google Maps is a great way for them to find you. In addition to the tips that have already been given, here are a few more that will help with your search engine optimization.

Although you may have different stores, it is not necessary to need more than one Website. Google Maps is able to locate your store if you simply have separate Webpages. A very important thing to remember, though, is that you may need an address on your Webpage to help Google to show exactly where you are. It does seem to prefer an actual address.

Google Maps will often provide a general location without pinpointing precisely where your business is. It will often put a general marker there to indicate about where you are located. It is important to know, though, that if someone is actually trying to find your location, that having good directions will certainly help if it is not displayed, or if they go directly to your Website.

If you do not have a physical address in another location, you may want to consider getting one for SEO purposes. A post office box will most likely do the trick and put you on the map.

Another feature about Google Maps that will help you stand out is third party confirmations about your credibility. Google Maps can show that you are recommended by the Better Business Bureau, for instance. It is things like this that will make your business stand out.

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