Old Tricks Don’t – and Won’t – Work Anymore

Branding trends have needed to change for some time – especially when what you used to do is not working any more. It could be simply that people are looking at the ads a little more carefully because they want to make sure that their hard earned money at this time is spent in a wiser way than before. Anyway, change is necessary.

Probably one of the biggest changes that you need to make in your brand identity is to avoid ads that simply try to pull emotional strings. People have seen through this and it has only served to make them sick – very sick – of those who tried it.

Another problem has become apparent when some have tried to tie some well-known personality in with a product or organization. While it may have sounded good at the time, you will have to make sure that that individual does indeed have the same values as those you are trying to make people believe you have – or it will backfire on you. The result will be that people will know that your words are only hollow.

People have always been impressed by a good deal – unfortunately, there aren’t many around any more that are not self-serving. People have felt for a long time that businesses have burned them time and again. Start caring for people in your ads and treat them the way you want to be treated – and that will make you stand out in a day when everyone else is being perceived as a sham.

Sure, every business wants to make money. That will not change. The problem comes when companies claim that they are out for the good of the people and then their actions or product proves otherwise. Unfortunately, for those that do this, they are also building their online branding, too – and it will be hard to erase later.

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