Out-of-the-box Layouts

Somebody had to do it. While many of the other designs talked about so far have largely been copies of media forms elsewhere, somebody had to go and do something new. These are the out-of-the-box layouts of Web design.

Out-of-the-box layouts were inevitable. It really was just a matter to time. Some have done well with some amazingly good designs, but others’ attempts are probably going to hurt them.

When going with a new style that has not been done before, you have to realize that not all new Website design is going to be a hit. This could be for several reasons, but the bottom line is that you are taking a gamble when you try something so new it has not yet been proven – or disproven.

The good thing is that it won’t take long to see the effects your design has on the public. Will they stay longer than before? Will they leave without visiting other pages? Will more people buy?, etc. You will certainly want to watch your metrics closely to determine if you need to switch back to your old design in a hurry. And hopefully, you have made a backup copy.

The better out-of-the-box designs retain many of the valuable features of a more traditional Website. The colors still match, they still have a high level of ease for Website navigation, and usability is good. If you are interested in trying one, you will need to experiment and you do want to keep some of the more traditional elements mixed in with your new design. In other words, it probably will not help you yet to do something totally radical.

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