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Internet behemoth expands operations to rival Zillow and Redfin


Subject: Baytech developed and promote the custom digital experience to satisfy the needs of half a million Realtors and Brokers

MLSListings aimed to improve its brand, retain its leadership position and increase profits. However, competition and lack of digital marketing led to a decline in market share. Baytech was hired to help restore MLSListings’ leadership and improve its financial success.

Baytech analyzed real estate market trends, including competitors Zillow, RealEstate.com and Realtor.com, to determine the best marketing strategy for MLSListings. The team found that focusing on specific communities was key to generating organic traffic. They optimized search terms, created SEO-friendly content, launched social campaigns, and improved MLSListings’ local presence to increase traffic and users.


  1. MLSListings receives 177,000 monthly visitors (6000 daily page views), which is nearly 7 times more than the average for companies of its size. 
  2. Increased traffic to 256,276 hits per month (8,542 daily), a 10% increase in new visitors 
  3. Adding 25,627 new clients to MLSListings’ customer base. 
  4. Key metrics for evaluating campaign success include keywords, landing pages indexed, leads, and conversions. 
  5. MLSListings started with 17,352 keywords in organic search results and now has 29,354, more than double. 
  6. The company’s profitability improved due to better brand promotion and increased leads from realtors.