Powerful Tools to Get People Searching for You

Getting people to look up your company or products online because of what they see or hear offline can lead to some serious sales. Knowing which mediums to use to generate these sales should play a part in your branding strategies.

When it comes to which media are the most powerful for creating brand recognition offline, it would have to be TV ad’s, word of mouth, and a magazine or newspaper ad. Each of these led to an increase of 30% or more of an increase in people going online for search engine results.

While other forms of media showed less than that, it still is a large enough percentage that you do not want to ignore using them. Clearly, creating a corporate identity needs to involve as many media forms as possible – for the purpose of creating as many online clicks as possible.

When you consider all of the SERP’s together – from all offline media methods – you end up with a powerfully high number. It should also be clear that when people are searching for your company or product by name – that you have potentially serious buyers coming to visit your Website. Baytech Web Design can help you target them better.

Other offline methods include seeing a store’s location, hearing an ad on the radio, a billboard, and a few more. These are the most effective of the remaining methods.

Baytech Web Design can help you turn that traffic into buying customers through its proven branding strategies. Let us start to make a real difference in your marketing campaigns. Talk to us today.