SEM best practices and measuring PPC ad spend

Advertising on the web offers a more cost effective and targeted way to reach new customers than has ever been available. Nowhere else can you define, test and refine your ad placements and campaigns like on the web. Recent statistics show that nearly 75 percent of North Americans are on the web, which means more than 340 million people are waiting to see your ad placement – and that’s just in North America!


We all know that online advertising adds to the clutter of our daily lives on the web. As savvy marketers, our job is to improve our ad placement targeting and delivery to make the web work for us as cheaply as possible. We can accomplish this by eliminating the trial-and-error in our PPC campaigns. Baytech marketing specialists are focused on delivering PPC advertising results for your company.


Our marketing experts work closely with you throughout each aspect of your search engine marketing (SEM) and PPC campaigns. We work to understand your business and will help you select the most cost-effective keywords to maximize your advertising budget and reach. By managing ad placement and closely monitoring click through rates (CTR), Baytechprofessional marketing team measures PPC and CTR performance for your web advertising, tweaking each campaign to optimize your online ad spend. Of course, Baytech also provides detailed analysis and reports that show your CTR and performance of your ad placements.


PPC campaigns are an ideal addition to your online marketing mix. PPC ad placement lets you set daily budget limits, target ideal customer demographics and measure your advertising performance in ways not possible in other mediums. Let Baytech’s dedicated experts harness the power of the web to drive more traffic and leads to your website. Call or email us today to take the guesswork out of your PPC advertising.