Small Businesses: Using Organic SEO, Part I

Small businesses typically have small budgets in terms of investing in internet marketing; therefore; it is critical to utilize organic SEO to help a website rank well on search engines.

Although organic SEO is a slow, but steady process, it requires planning ahead and it is done best before a site is even made. Web design is important, but getting caught up focusing on graphics and fancy visual production could be the wrong strategy, especially for search engine optimization.

The number of products or services a small business offers and the number of targeted keywords should determine how many pages should be optimized. Key phrases or keywords should be included in the page title, taglines, headings and content. Since search engines work best with text, ensure that each page has quality and relevant content with appropriate headings.

Another important aspect of good SEO is building links which will help to achieve good rankings. Note that these links should represent relevant websites as well. How competitive the market is for the keywords you are targeting should determine the amount of links that should be acquired. It is an ongoing process and the amount of reciprocal links available should not exceed a quarter of the number of incoming links to the website.




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