The Difference between Design and Branding

When launching a Web site, it is helpful to understand the difference between Web design and branding. Both aspects are important in creating an effective Web site.

Design is the visual appearance of a page. In an artistic style, design principles are put into place to creatively and effectively display each element of the page. Typography, color theory, shapes, artwork and even white space are all carefully considered in portraying a professional look. How the customer responds to the feeling they get when clicking on a Web page is very important. It can determine whether a visitor chooses to continue to explore the site or click out of it.

Branding, on the other hand, is a strategy. The ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes on in the first stages of site development. Branding encompasses detailed competitive analysis, business goals, evaluation, marketing collateral design and target audience definition. It gives the site direction and objectives and is essential to the success of the site. When branding is set in the early stages of the project, every line of code and every pixel on the site will work smoothly, like magic, in attaining results that make you smile.

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