The Inside Scoop: Keyword Prominence & Proximity, Partie Deux

The Inside Scoop, Partie Un, continued…

Now that you’ve earned your diploma in keyword density and frequency, brace yourself for what will distinguish you from the rest of the competition.

Here are two more strategies to factor into other SEO techniques:

  1. Keyword Prominence:
    How close to the beginning of a sentence, h tag, meta description or beginning of a web page your keyword is placed points to keyword prominence. This may look like dejavu, but get used to working towards placing the most important keywords at the very beginning of:

–          Your title

–          Your description

–          Your H1 tag, and

–          The content of the page.

  1. Keyword Proximity:
    Believe it or not, how close two or more keywords together is measured and this is called, proximity. The closer they are, the higher the ranking.
    For example, if you want to rank your website for the keyword phrase, canned French foie gras,then your text should be written something like this: “Remy’s European Market carries the finest of canned French foie gras. Look us up for the most eclectic collection of gastronomical delights!”
    Since your keywords are right next to each other, your site receives more value.



Using keywords are beyond just the normal h tag, meta-tag routine. Making your business online is no cakewalk and unless you have a competitive edge, you wont thrive. Increase your search engine rankings with these four strategies- keyword density, frequency, proximity, and prominence.



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