The Purpose of Design

Graphic design is about feeling and function. When a web customer clicks on you site, that visitor needs to feel good enough about what he or she sees to want to stop searching and complete their business on your site.  Equally as important, the customer needs to be able to easily get around on your site and find the product or information he or she is looking for.

The Value of Feeling –
The value of ‘feeling’ is an intrinsic component of design work. Your web site needs to visually enhance the senses. When a visitor steps into your online store, all of the necessary elements need to be communicated in a way that gives your customer a good feeling about doing business with you. No matter what your business is, Baytech Webs’ graphic designers know how to set up a page that evokes all the right feelings.

The Element of Function –
Keeping your site in working order is as important as keeping your automobile running. Ever been in a store when stockers are lining the shelves with loaves of bread and right smack in the middle of the aisle is this big, bulky cart, seven tiers high and three feet wide and you don’t have room to pass by? Well, you certainly do not want your online customers to run into road blocks when they click on a link that doesn’t work or find text and graphic poorly placed on your web pages. Have the Baytech Webs’ professionals properly set up your site so you do not have text and graphics colliding in mid-air.

Baytech Webs has the creativity and the technical ingenuity to build a customized web site for your business that will impress both you and your customers.