Web Design Robust Development, Content and SEO–Four Pillars of Great Websites

Website A is on the internet that has huge numbers of visitors that visit it and go. Compare it with a website B that also has huge number of visitors but over 70 percent of them opt one of the services or buy the products listed on the website. Which website would you prefer? Obviously, you will prefer B as it fulfills the intended purpose.

What is there in website B that it has the least bounce rate? Is it the design of the website or the products or services listed on it? Or, is it the visitors who are genuine ones? These questions have really one answer and that is – it has been designed by Baytech Web Design. Incorporating the best in the industry technology as well as latest practices, the company designs, develops and promotes websites over the internet in such a way that it draws in relevant visitors who are really looking for that product or service.

Web design no doubt plays a vital role in engaging the visitor. Besides, it is the face of your business. Second is the web development. How well was the website developed from every perspective? If it is an e commerce website, how well the products or services are displayed plays a vital role in deciding the time the visitor will spend on your website. Since the website visitors are really in a hurry, they want everything instantly in a single click. Content is another important pillar of websites. The most relevant content wins accolades in the form of returning and new visitors as well a prominent search engine ranking.

Besides this, the nature of the visitors coming to your website also regulates the bounce rate. If a visitor searching for a web design company has landed on a company offering auto parts, surely he will leave the website within seconds. However, if a visitor searching for web design company in San Jose arrives at a website offering affordable web designing in San Jose then the visitor will be more than interested in the website. This way relevancy of the visitor also defines the way your website will perform on the internet.