Web Monetization and Viral Marketing Strategies

Converting website traffic to sales is a game of numbers. If your message reaches X number of web users and Y of those users visit your website for more information, then Z equals the number of visitors who purchase your product or service and contribute to your bottom line. By increasing the reach of your message, you will also increase traffic to your site and, in turn, increase your company’s sales conversions.


At Baytech Web Design, our goal is to not only increase the overall reach of your message, but to do so in the most targeted and cost effective way. We employ a number of Web 2.0 and social networking tactics that can improve the viral marketing reach of your message to targeted audiences. But creating a legitimate “buzz” about your company or products on social networking sites requires timing, targeted keywords and brand consistency. If social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are instruments in a marketing orchestra, thenBaytech Web Design’s guerrilla marketing experts are the conductors who turn those instruments into a symphony of sales.


Our dedicated team of web monetization experts can help convert more of your web traffic to sales by targeting specific audiences and creating a “hook” that drives them to your company website. Using SEO and social networking strategies, we can deliver more traffic to your site, improve your organic SEO performance and help you build and manage your online brand.


Nearly two billion people worldwide use the web today. The numbers are there for web monetization, but you need to deliver targeted messages through a concerted marketing effort. Let Baytech Web Design’s marketing professionals help you optimize your online marketing plan to enhance your reach, traffic and, most importantly, sales conversions. Call or email us today to discuss your viral marketing and social networking needs.