Website performance indicators

Is the visitor volume the only website performance indicator or the user session, duration of visit and page impressions matter as well? The latter ones do matter a lot but what is most significant is the activity of the visitor on the website. Performance analysis should be done on the basis of visitor’s activity and the question ‘Are the visitors doing what you intend them to do?’ should be in affirmative if you need a performing website. If you are offering a product or service then ask yourself is your website able to persuade them enough that they will finally buy the product or opt the services.

On the other hand, bounce rate is also worth calculating and given heed to. If a visitor comes and stays for only few seconds and migrates to some other website other than yours then it is a matter of great concern and it is time to hand over your website to some experts in the field such as Baytech Web Design. With an experience spanning over eleven years, San Jose, California based Baytech not only makes sure that your website gets relevant visitors that not only stay but finally buys the products or opt the services offered. Putting to use the best in the industry tactics, Baytech prepares a unique strategy for your website and based on it carries forward the web promotion. Within some time, your website starts appearing prominently on the search engines and soon visitors start pouring in.