What mistakes cause your online business to FAIL?

What mistakes cause your online business to FAIL?


Having giving it much thought, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the fact that there are as many reasons for online businesses to fail as there are businesses online. So, without being presumptuous, let’s identify the obvious shall we?

Failure to Plan: No Clear Business Model

Too often people fail to complete a business plan with clear benchmarks and pathways to achieve their established goals. Failure to make a strategy is and the worst mistake any online entrepreneur can make. You should be researching the market, listing your initial steps and goals, identifying obstacles and researching and implementing strategies that have been successful for others.

BayTech not only researches your business model but also endeavors to help you improve upon your existing online business plan by offering straight forward advice as to what truly works, even if this conflicts with what you may think might work. SEO San Jose and keyword research are essential, reading of other’s blogs and discovering the most you can in regards to your competition. It will help you develop your business model as well as SHOW you what does work by following the success of others.

You Haven’t Identified Your Target Market

Marketing to the people who will spend money for your product is the key, naturally! Who is your market? What words will they input into to the search value to identify your business? You have to know your demographics as well as the nomenclature they utilize to find the products they seek. Keywords are essential with respect to a successful search. A successful equation is capture + conversion. If you can capture the attention of your market you have an exponentially greater chance of conversion.

Poor Web Construction

If you have a simple template web site you will look like everyone else trying squeeze a buck out of the internet. ORIGINALITY is key, you have to have a distinctive web persona that stands out, and your Branding is everything! A browser will bounce right off your sight, immediately, if it looks cheap and “shot-out.” You have an instant to grab a browser’s attention. Its love at first sight and you need to have “the look” that will capture, the copywriting that will compel and the drive to action that will get you an order, and it has to occur with great speed.

Your web pages must be visually stunning while at the same time easy to navigate and especially simple when placing an order! Poor business logic analysis can make for a sloppy website where potential consumers get mired down like a horse in the mud. Keep your site neat, clean and graphically dynamic, yet easily navigable.

The Web Will Not Magically Make customers Appear!

You need to constantly promote your web-site like Pay-Per-Click Advertisements, shameless self-promotional blogse-newslettersemail campaignslinking with other sites, investing in banner ads, Search Engine Optimization plans are all ways to DRIVE traffic to your site, then comes conversion…

Constantly Update Your Website

Keep your site current with fresh content including new product updates, services etc… Your Web site should be constantly evolving and growing, linking, utilizing keywords and adding content. If not, people will bounce off your site.

Making Goals Too Big Too Fast

I’m not saying you shouldn’t shoot for the stars, but make what you strive for realistic. If your goal is to make $10,000 in the first month, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. The problem with failing to reach some goals is that it can frustrate you and chip away at your momentum and motivation. No one is saying you should settle for mediocre goals. Just make sure they are reasonable and scalable.

Lack of Knowledge or Knowledge Overload

Chances are you are currently on one side of this spectrum, you either don’t know enough or you have too many things running around in your head. This tends to be a cause-and-effect relationship. You probably wanted to learn more about websites and internet marketing, so you probably read a book on it. You might have “Googled” around a couple of articles, talked to a buddy and bought into a program. Afterwards, you had so much input that you lost track of where your focus needs to be. One step at a time, slow and steady wins the race…

Not Investing in Your Online Business

Better results often come from better tools, better tools cost more money. You can get some good insight from free keyword research sites but can get even more useful information from paid versions which BayTech can facilitate.

BayTech is a full-service custom web-design applications and e-commerce/marketing solutions firm. BayTech focuses on branding your company’s web-site to incorporate your organizational goals and integrate your marketing plan in such a way as to drive your web traffic to action. Almost all electronic marketing, if done properly, will invariably increase business and web-site traffic while reducing bounce rates leading to increased client conversion and retention ratios.

I invite you to take a detailed look within our portfolio and see how our design implementation can visually induce your current web traffic to remain on your web-site and be prompted to interact with a new improved dynamic web-site. By utilizing SEO San Jose we can definitely increase your Google “SEO San Jose” thus driving more traffic to your site and increasing your business exponentially. BayTech is Silicon Valley #1 Ranked Web Solutions Firm by doing what we do best: Delivering common-sense value-added solutions that deliver tangible and measurable results to our valued customers.