Why choose a custom web design instead of a template?

Why choose a custom web design instead of a template?

When utilizing a custom Web site design, you will possess a business Web site created specifically to incorporate your unique business model. The content, imagery, and marketing input that you will implement will be specific to the business needs of your organization. You will have the advantage of creating an online business presence that will help you garner new clientele, build your brand, implement strategic marketing, and help you demolish your competition!

The most important thing you can do to your competition is distinguish yourself from them by implementing an unforgettable marketing strategy. BayTech is a full service Web design, applications and marketing firm that will BRAND your unique website so that it leaves a lasting impression on your targeted market. BRANDING leaves an indelible impression that will induce your targeted market to take action by utilizing effective copywritingkeyword analysiscustom graphic design, video and many other custom Web 2.0 features available ONLY through custom Web solutions but unavailable by using a simple template format.

BayTech Web Design is the number one Web designapplications and marketing firm in Silicon Valley and will help you make a strategic plan for your online businesses success. Our complete and comprehensive Web design and SEO online marketing packages will ensure that your online presence dominates your industry and commands the marketplace. BayTech will review your business model in detail and structure an online marketing plan that will interpret the browsing and purchasing patterns of your targeted market.
BayTech only designs custom Web sites. Each design in our extensive portfolio is 100% original and tailored for each individual client. By choosing a Web site you ARE DIFFERNTIATING yourself from your competitor. Furthermore, BayTech’s custom Web sites are much easier to optimize given SEO San Jose is our expertise.

BayTech Web sites are marketing tools designed with the sole purpose of generating leads and increasing revenue. A website becomes your most effective salesperson, it still emulates the professionalism that every business owner wants to exude, but its function is much more sales driven.

Call one of BayTech’s Senior Web Consultants today and we will work with you with intelligence, integrity, and experience to help you achieve you business goals. Our SINCERE COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE and ethical business practices are unmatched. 866.913.9327