Best Advantages That SEO Will Give You over Traditional Advertising (Part I)

Typical methods used in marketing are often costly, tiring, and troublesome to develop and use. Even though they may be effective, many business owners do not have the time, patience or the resources to utilize them adequately for the desired results.

Search engine optimization may be just the tool needed to make up for this lack and still drive traffic to your Website. SEO, while it is not a complete answer, will provide you with several clear advantages over the more traditional methods used in marketing.

Problems with Push-type Marketing

It is not at all uncommon for a business Website to fail to get a decent page rank. This means it will remain unseen by most people – even by those who are looking for what it is selling. Search engine results (SERP) will not bring people to their Website because the listing will be mostly out of sight.

This means that if it is to be seen, the company will have to resort to more direct marketing methods. They will have to use things like direct mail, newspaper or magazine ads, and possibly TV or radio ads. Each of these, however, uses a more “pushy” type of approach – and costly.

Another aspect of each of these marketing tools is that they are intrusive – they get in people’s faces. They try to force people to hear your message. Unfortunately, people are becoming hardened to such tactics.

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