Use Multiple Reinforcement to increase Conversions

Many Websites today are actually limiting the number of conversions that they receive because they do not understand the possibilities. Generally, their Web design strategy only tries to get leads or purchases from a landing page.

One approach to solve this is to realize that many pages should lead to get people to buy – or give an email address – and that each Web page can use language that will cause people to have to make multiple decisions per page. The key is to present similar ideas in different language. It should also do it in a way that when it is all put together it should lead to a decision – time and again.

This idea can be used throughout your Website design. Even pictures should help people to understand that having your product or service will make them happy – everything provides a positive reinforcement. That also encourages people to make the right decision.

Phrases that ask for information can also be worded in such a way as to reinforce the decision to buy. Make it a positive experience to buy from you and expect results. Instead of just asking for an email, say something like: “Please send us your email address and information so that we can rush … to your door…” As you can see, it creates a want-to in the person – not a pep talk.

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