Bulk Editing Now Arrives To Adwords Web Interface

This latest piece of news is certainly going to cheer up those professionals who work in the online advertising industry. Google has taken an initiative of reducing monotony in campaign changes by rolling out a new feature called – . Currently this feature has been introduced in a couple of accounts for facilitating final testing. Once Google is done with the final testing, it will release this feature for everyone.

However, Google might take couple of weeks in order to complete the process of final testing. Through the assistance of bulk editing, it will become possible for advertisers to facilitate global changes in text, bids, URLs, diverse keyboard’s elements, ad group, ad and campaign level.

The features bear a striking resemblance to a function of ‘replace and search’, in terms of functionality, thereby letting users to craft 1000 of changes simultaneously.

What is commendable is, that users not only get a facility of making changes but they can also preview those changes before finally releasing those changes. Another interesting thing is that, they can do other things, while the changes are being processed in the background. As the company introduces this brand new feature, it will be formulating minor changes in the other parts of the interface, which did similar things.