Check These Features for Maximum Webpage Performance

Testing your Website design and landing pages for peak performance will require that you test just about every feature. You do not want to assume that any well-worn phrases are OK until you have actually tested them. It is quite possible that the simplest phrase – even ones that you find on successful Web pages – may not be the best ones to use.

By testing each phrase – especially ones that direct people to do something – such as Start Here, Sign Up Now, etc., you can develop the successful Website structure you need that will bring you the most action. Use split testing so that you have a control, and only change one or two things at a time to test. This way, you will know exactly what brought about the changes in response.

Identify each possible change and then work on them one by one in each section until all is tested. Then test the best features in each section with other best features. This will give you a fully optimized Web page design. Do the same thing with pictures, graphics, etc., until you get the best possible results.

At the end of your testing of each page, you should have a finished E-Commerce Web design that will work powerfully for you. Test each aspect of the design but use short tests until you can see a clear difference in performance.

Finally, keep records of your results so that you can look back and discover what works and what does not in order to shorten the testing period with new Web pages you create. Start out by identifying all possible changes that can be made – and then start making them.

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