The Power of API’s

When you want to increase the power of your SEM, you need to add API’s, or application programming interface, to your campaigns. This tool enables you to tap into the power of the social networks and potentially multiply your marketing efforts.

API’s have been around for a while now, and they enable you to use some of the features of a third party Website on your own landing pages. They really are rather well developed now and can quickly enable you to tap into a source of traffic that can multiply your visitors quickly – and possibly even at no extra cost to you.

While API’s are controlled by the company that created them, more and more companies are opening their doors for the average user. Google, for instance, offers many API’s now for many of its various applications. EBay, Amazon, and Facebook also offer API’s, and so does Twitter, and many more.

The flexibility that API’s provided users works two ways. It gives users the ability to post 3rd party information on their own Websites, and it also enables users to create tools internally on their 3rd party Webpages. This enables enhanced abilities within Facebook, Friendster, etc.

Allowing comments and other interactive events from an API can really cause your traffic to be greatly increased – possibly even doubled – for free. Now that’s effective low cost Web marketing.

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